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POLICE SERVICES BUILDING • Client • City of Pacifica • Location • Pacifica, California • Size • 20,000 SF • Cost • $7.6 million • Services • The project included facilities master planning, site development planning, and the preparation of design documents for a new police services facility. The design is for an inexpensive single story building that uses a trellis and landscaping to provide a sense of place. The building houses public and operational spaces, administrative and investigative spaces, evidence storage spaces, a 911 Center, and an Emergency Operations Center.

RESTROOM AND OFFICE FACILITIES AT PILLAR POINT HARBOR • Client • San Mateo County Harbor District • Location • El Granada, California • Size • 6,000 SF • Cost • $850 thousand • Services • The project included the design of a new building to house public and private restrooms, and office space. The building is located on the beach and is designed to respond to the coastal setting.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES BUILDING ROOF AND HVAC RETROFIT • Client • City of Redwood City • Location • Redwood City, California • Size • 12,500 SF • Cost • $325 thousand • Services • The project included investigations to evaluate the extent of required roof and HVAC system repairs. Detailed design drawings for the new roofing system, new sheet metal flashing, and new HVAC equipment were prepared.

COMMUNITY CENTER RENOVATIONS • Client • City of Pacifica • Location • Pacifica, California • Size • 22,000 SF • Cost • $1.5 million • Services • The project included design and construction administration for extensive renovations to an existing building that was converted into a new community center. The building was refurbished to comply with current building codes. The insertion of a new use into an existing facility required the renovation of all building systems.

SENIOR CENTER REMODEL • Client • City of Milpitas • Location • Milpitas, California • Size • 12,000 SF • Cost • $850 thousand • Services • The project included interior and exterior renovations and repairs to an historical building. Exterior renovations included a new roof, restoration of the exterior facades and ornamental detail, and new exterior planting and drainage systems. Interior renovations included new finishes in the restrooms, meeting rooms, and offices, and special accommodations to meet the needs of the elderly.

FIRE STATION RENOVATIONS • Client • City of Sunnyvale • Location • Sunnyvale, California • Size • 5,500 SF each (5 buildings) • Cost • $650 thousand • Services • The project included renovations associated with seismic upgrading of 5 fire stations. Design work included new roofing, interior renovations, installation of a new HVAC system, and coordination of construction requirements with the necessity for maintaining the fire stations operating during construction.

PILOT SEISMIC PROGRAM, DESIGN SERVICES FOR SEISMIC UPGRADES AND RETROFIT • Client • United States Postal Service • Location • Northern California • Size • 80,000 SF • Cost • $2.5 million • Services • The project includes seismic upgrading to several older buildings. Structural analyses were undertaken in accordance with guidelines prepared by the Applied Technologies Council and were intended to correct life and safety deficiencies. Architectural work has included the careful coordination of the means of insertion of the new structural systems and components into the existing building to assure design compatibility, and the design of repairs to existing building components as required by the insertion of new structural assemblies.

AQUATICS FACILITY MASTER PLAN • Client • City of Santa Rosa • Location • Sonoma County, California • The project included preparation of a report outlining community aquatics program needs, and preparation of a development plan for new and the renovation of existing aquatics facilities in the City of Santa Rosa. A market analysis was conducted to evaluate the need for aquatics facilities. Recommendations for new and the renovation of existing facilities were developed based on meeting current and future needs.